About us

Briefly about company

Engage wholesale trade with coffee since 2004, so we are no longer beginners in Lthuanian market. Increasingly we are moving ahead and seeking to become more professional and more reliable, maintaining a German quality and stability.

Currently we have exclusive rights to the distribution – trade. We are representing three major German factory brands know arout the Europe. Coffee factory “Röstfein Kaffee GmbH”; pastry additives factory “RUF Lebensmittelwerk KG”; and one of the most popular factory of cappuccino and coca products “Krüger GmbH & Co. KG”, and also working with their Poland factory “Krüger Polska SP.z.o.o.”. We hope that Lithuania will discover these German products too.

We want to than all companies for cooperation.
General director: Valdas Povilaitis

About coffee factory

In the 1908 of May 19th in Germany, Magdeburg town was laid the first foundation stone of coffee factory “Röstfein Kaffee GmbH”. It was started to build the offee machines of one of the most favorite coffee in Germany “Malzkaffee”. This coffee was not only healthy but also was very delicious.

This type of coffee spread out oustide of the country and it become number one coffee drink. After unification (1945) investors and the coffee factory beginners first time started to produce roasted coffee beans “Röstfein” in 1983. These coffee beans are roasted not only in the dedicated facility, but also passsed through atmosphere of hot air vapor. Because of special machinery for roasting, the coffee beans are not baked too much ant this way coffee keeps best quality.

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